DTS Managed Services for Startup clockin in Münster

Clockin GmbH develops award-winning software for time tracking, order documentation and personnel management. The tech startup from Münster supports small and medium-sized companies in their digital transformation and pursues the mission of making digitization simple and intuitive. In doing so, the software company with its Silicon Valley-tested founder Frederik Neuhaus focuses on an extremely simple operation of the applications. In this way, the clockin software digitally maps almost all paper-heavy administrative processes.

As a young company, clockin GmbH does not have a large IT budget at its disposal. As with any successful startup, the initially small customer base is faced with potentially high growth. This in turn brings another challenge for the IT infrastructure: it must be able to scale flexibly accordingly. If the company can grow and equip more and more partners with the innovative software, the platform must also be scalable to meet the demands of customers and its own developers. However, clockin GmbH does not have the resources of its own to ensure adequate hosting and was therefore looking for a reliable partner to support it in matters of complex IT infrastructures.

You can find the complete case study here or in the adjacent download area.

Partner Specialization for Proofpoint Security Awareness Training (PSAT)

Our long-term expertise tells us that IT security awareness training needs be carried out continuously in order to achieve lasting security awareness and be better protected against cyberattacks as a consequence. As one of Proofpoint's first partners, as a certified Security Awareness Training Specialist, we are authorized to plan and undertake security awareness measures with you. As your single point of contact, we help you to instill a comprehensive awareness for security.

DTS Systeme is LogRhythm Services Authorized

We are proud to have been awarded the status of "LogRhythm Services Authorized" as their first partner in Germany. It describes the technical expertise of our Professional Services team and ongoing achievements in the delivery of leading Security Operations Centre services based on LogRhythm's award-winning security intelligence and analytics platform. This status demonstrates that our team is part of a group of specialists with long-term experience and know-how in helping our customers to optimize their LogRhythm solutions and support them as a service provider 24/7/365.

G+E GETEC Holding GmbH Enters the Next Generation of IT Security with DTS

GETEC is a leading energy supplier and contracting specialist for industry and housing in Germany and Europe. The GETEC value proposition is: "We have the energy for more." This guiding principle applies to over 1,400 employees at around 30 locations. GETEC sees itself as a partner for smart, efficient and green energy solutions.

Across the industry, the challenges presented by targeted cyber threats are increasing. Conventional IT solutions can hardly keep up with modern requirements and frequently even preventive approaches are no longer sufficient. In this context, protection against new types of threats can no longer be achieved using classic, signature-based virus protection alone.

GETEC was looking for an innovative approach that offered a detect & respond solution combined with behavior-based malware protection. This was the next, logical and necessary step in fortifying the resilience of the GETEC IT systems. In doing so, a sufficiently large effect had to be achieved with as little effort as possible. Thanks to a partner recommendation by our long-standing IT security partner Palo Alto Networks, a cooperation with DTS Systeme finally came about. Supervised by DTS Account Manager Mehdi Assaad, Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls were initially integrated into the GETEC IT infrastructure. Following successful integration, implementation of the "Cortex XDR Pro" detect & respond solution was realized.

You can find the complete case study here or in the adjacent download section.

With DTS & SIEM into a Technologically Innovative Future

In these times of networking, artificial intelligence and big data, DTS Systeme was looking for an innovative and forward-looking provider and leader in technology that would not only be suitable for their own environment, but also that of the DTS Security Operations Centre and furthermore fit into and complement its own integrated portfolio. In the end, the choice clearly fell on LogRhythm.

"During our entry into the SOC market, LogRhythm enabled us to focus on training our analysts and defining meaningful processes for our customers, rather than worrying about the stability and flexibility of the basic infrastructure required," states Axel Westerhold, Head of Datacenter & SOC Services at our company.

You can find the complete case study here or in the adjacent download section.

PREFERRED Citrix Service Provider & Solution Advisor Silver

Gemalto Gold Partner

Managed Security Service Provider & Public Cloud Specialized Partner bei Palo Alto Networks

Managed Security Service Provider
As an authorized Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) for Palo Alto Networks, we can also provide our customers with any chosen vendor solution as a managed service and combine them with various added values from our service portfolio, such as the basic administration of the solutions, extended support, health checks and SOC services.

Public Cloud Specialized Partner
DTS Systeme is the first partner in the DACH region to be assigned the Palo Alto Networks Public Cloud Specialization status, which is awarded exclusively by nomination at global level to NextWave channel partners that have demonstrated the expertise required to successfully and securely migrate customers to public cloud environments.

Acceptance of the cloud continues to grow rapidly as organizations realize the benefits of cost reduction, operational efficiency, and flexibility to respond more quickly to market demands and build their competitive advantage. However, in order to contest the move to the cloud, consistent, automated protective measures in multi-cloud environments are required in order to avoid data loss and business disruptions.

DTS supports its customers in this endeavor, together with long-term partner Palo Alto Networks, to ensure that IT environments in the cloud adhere to the same security standards as on-premises.
Numerous new certifications from our partner Microsoft.

Gold Lenovo PC Partner 2019

Numerous new certifications from our partner Microsoft

Our partner Microsoft has awarded DTS Systeme GmbH numerous new certificates compared to last year. Within the scope of the latest round of re-profiling for Microsoft partner status, we were able to achieve the following certified competencies: Datacenter Silver & Gold, Cloud Productivity Silver & Gold, Collaboration and Content Silver & Gold, Cloud Platform Silver, Messaging Silver and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Silver. We are very proud of the fact that our efforts over the past 12 months are bearing such fruit. Many thanks to our long-term partner Microsoft for their trust.

Erich Utsch AG Trusts in Rubrik and DTS Systeme as Partner

Erich Utsch AG (UTSCH) is one of the world's leading companies in vehicle number plate technology and vehicle registration systems. The company produces millions of number plates every year for customers in Germany and around the world. UTSCH was founded in 1961 and employs more than 1,500 people worldwide. With its subsidiaries and joint ventures, Erich Utsch AG maintains a presence in more than 130 countries on five continents.

One of the main goals of UTSCH was to modernize its IT infrastructure. "We see IT as a real business enabler," states Dominic Höffgen, CFO. "Since IT forms the backbone of the company, our infrastructure needs to be efficient, highly available and secure."

"Our business is data-intensive and security-relevant. This is why backups are essential for us, " states Jörg Voosen, team leader IT systems. "We want to position ourselves as future-oriented and as leader in our industry. As an innovative company, we pride ourselves on identifying and implementing next generation technologies that are designed for simplicity and speed at an early stage. Rubrik fits perfectly into this concept, because we can use this leading data management solution to build the infrastructure of tomorrow today."

Not only was the ideal solution found for UTSCH with the help of Rubrik and DTS Systeme, but it was also successfully integrated. You can find the complete case study in the download section or by clicking on the link below, along with a corresponding report in IT-ZOOM Online:

UTSCH Case Study
IT-ZOOM Online report

VMware Certifies DTS Systeme GmbH as Enterprise Cloud & Solution Provider

Our partner VMware has certified DTS Systeme GmbH as an Enterprise Cloud Provider & Enterprise Solution Provider. We earned these awards as a qualified partner in the VMware network thanks to our high level of commitment and excellent performance in the provision of VMware virtualization solutions. You can find the official certificates in the download section.

DTS Hosted & Managed Dedicated Exchange at Schollglas Dienstleistungs- und Entwicklungsges. mbH.

Schollglas is a medium-sized company founded in 1969 domiciled in Barsinghausen, Germany. Today, the Schollglas Group of Companies is a globally oriented and independent network of companies with around 1500 employees and 20 production facilities, consulting and sales offices in Germany and abroad, serving a wide variety of market segments. The group of companies has experience and know-how in the areas of the production, finishing and trade in and with flat glass of all kinds.

The goal of Schollglas GmbH was to improve the operational security of their in-house email system over the long term. This concerns both its availability and data security, while at the same time relieving the burden on their internal IT. The task involved replacing the comparatively inexpensive solution that had been in place until then, since support for it was going to be discontinued. The very special challenge here, however, was to find a successor solution that was just as inexpensive, but at the same time created tangible added value.

Due to the long-term contact, previous cooperation and various that had taken place between the two companies, DTS Systeme found itself in the position to recommend itself as a solution provider. The final decision in favor of DTS resulted from several factors, such as our certified German data centers, our price-performance ratio and our geographical proximity to the customer. A DTS Hosted & Managed Dedicated Exchange with up to 600 licenses was chosen as the right solution to meet the requirements. The solution stands for ideal availability of email communication, not least because of its market leadership. The support provided by DTS saves on additional costs and resources including storage space and administrative workload. The solution also meets data protection requirements in a quick and easy manner.

DTS succeeded in completing the project to the full satisfaction of the customer. Problems were dealt with and resolved at short notice. Apart from the migration effort required, the hope for a reliable and as far as possible maintenance-free solution was fulfilled throughout.

TÜV Austria certifies the DTS Group according to EN ISO 9001: 2015

TÜV Austria has certified the DTS Group for its management system according to EN ISO 9001: 2015. You can find the official certificate along with further information in the download section.

DTS Systeme Included in the North Rhine-Westphalia IT Security Network (nrw.uniTS) Brochure

The nrw.uniTS network forms an organizational core for all IT security stakeholders in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). The network set itself the task of sensitizing companies to security risks and arming them against them, bringing science and business together in NRW and accompanying IT security trends into the future.

At DTS Systeme, our highly specialized cooperation with leading manufacturers means that we differ significantly when it comes to IT security. For instance, we are a Diamond Partner of Palo Alto Networks and a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls. Thanks to our specialization here and our ground-breaking modular cloud concept, we can create any solution according as required. No matter in which combination, our solutions always dovetail.

Provision takes place as a managed service from our certified German data centers or as an on-premises solution. We also develop individually tailored, hybrid solutions hand-in-hand with you. Our unique Security Operations Center and our Helpdesk experts guarantee professional support around the clock. We also use monitoring, patch and client management to ensure that control and protection are guaranteed at all times.

You can find an extract from the current 2018 nrw.uniTS brochure, including the full article on DTS Systeme GmbH, in the download section (in German only).

Praise for DTS Systeme from Rail Power Systems GmbH

Rafael Luty, Head of IT at Rail Power Systems GmbH in Munich, on the collaboration with DTS Systeme GmbH:

"It's fun to work with DTS Systeme because they have the technical expertise, and are reliable and very personable."

Protecting a Clinic Operation Against Cyber Attacks

"You always hear about SIEM implementations being endless and highly complex," he recalls, "but in our case we were able to show results in a very short time.“ Stefan Peters, Head of the IT Business Unit at Arnsberg Clinic.

Arnsberg Clinic is a group of clinics made up of Marienhospital in Arnsberg, Karolinen Hospital in Hüsten and St. Johannes Hospital in Neheim. The organisation, which also functions as the teaching hospital to the University of Münster, is made up of 25 clinics and 4 institutes with a total of 728 beds. Care is provided to acute and emergency patients, and a care facility with 90 places is also connected.

The challenge – protecting vital technology
IT in the clinical environment is of highly critical importance. It has to function reliably so that its operator can save lives. In February 2016, Arnsberg Clinic recorded an incident during which attackers were able to overcome the security systems already in place: Malware had found its way into the hospital group's IT landscape via links embedded into social engineering emails.

Since the essential medical equipment in place also functions without being connected to the network, patient care was guaranteed at all times. The clinic's internal communication processes, however, had to be handled manually for almost two days with an increasing amount of effort. "In our case, the staff managed to save the operation from the downtime with a tremendous amount of commitment simply by using 'scraps of paper”, states Stefan Peters, Head of IT at Arnsberg Clinic, reminiscing, “but we would have had our work cut out if we'd had to continue like that for a longer period of time." New patients could only be admitted in urgent cases, for example. In the end, the clinic ended up recording damage in the region of seven figures.

The solution – early warning system for cyberattacks
In order to be able to better counter further attacks of this kind in the future, the hospital decided, among other things, to invest in an early warning system against cyberattacks. The aim was to be able to detect and ringfence attacks more quickly, for example, to be able to shut down technology sections section by section in future. The ability to act and communicate should be preserved to the greatest possible extent in difficult situations in future. The implementation of a Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM) was examined early on as a possible solution.

Since a business relationship between the DTS as the service partner and Arnsberg Hospital already existed and they frequently exchanged views on security topics, the IT department at the hospital group contacted DTS. An agreement was made to evaluate a SIEM system from LogRhythm.

"You always hear about SIEM implementations being endless and highly complex," he recalls, "but in our case we were able to show results in a very short time." It was possible to put the LogRhythm system itself, for example, into operation in four hours, following which connection of the previously selected log sources immediately began. On the second day, it was already possible to switch on the first correlation rules. LogRhythm already detects, for example, ransomware in this phase, and alerts the security teams, thus enabling them to stop the attack within a few seconds, all of which takes place largely automatically.

The LogRhythm system proved flexible when it came to reacting to the golden image procedure on the servers in the hospital. The images are copied several times a week and the systems then started, which is not allowed to disrupt the log evaluation. Here, agent functionality of LogRhythm made it possible to install and configure a log collection agent on each server. Subsequently, the agent/log source configuration of each server copy was automatically stored centrally and re-pushed to the target system on each reboot. This eliminates the need for the complicated manual weekly reinstallation and configuration of the image server log sources at the hospital.

The decision to use LogRhythm productively was finally made in June 2016.

Successful transition to operations – An immune system against cyber-attacks
Along with the first alarm, the security analysts at the hospital now receive precise and clearly prepared information about the malicious processes detected including the name of the malicious process and the names of the already infected files. Additional information can be called up at the push of a button, including information about other potentially infected hosts. "It is information like this that would have allowed us to react in a more targeted manner during the original attack and either put a complete stop to the malware or, for instance, keep those systems in operation that we know were certainly not yet affected," states Stefan Peters, describing the advantage of making details of the attack available quickly. The existing IT security staff can easily operate the system. "The investment is certainly worth it – it increases the effectiveness of our security team tremendously at a reasonable cost," Peters sums up.

Support in the License Validation Process from Manufacturer Microsoft (Deployment Summary) by Partner DTS Systeme GmbH

According to current manufacturer information, around 50,000 medium-sized companies in Germany are invited to participate in a license validation process every year.

The process helps the companies involved to define and implement processes to avoid undesired and costly over and/or under-licensing and in parallel also serves to raise awareness of the need to procure licenses from the manufacturer.

"Satisfied customers" is the corporate goal of Marley Deutschland GmbH, a medium-sized company from Lower Saxony, that has stood for innovative and high-quality products for more than 60 years among trade and end consumers from the DIY and do-it-yourself segment. Constant quality controls and verifications, including according to DIN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, ensure that the staff at their Wunstorf site achieve and guarantee the demand for "reliable quality" in the long term. Marley Deutschland GmbH is part of the international ALIAXIS Group, which is made up of around 100 companies in over 50 countries worldwide employing more than 15,000 people. In Q4/2014, Marley Deutschland GmbH was invited by the manufacturer (Microsoft Deutschland GmbH) to participate in the license validation process ("Deployment Summary") by email.

Due to ongoing and planned projects, and the prevailing uncertainty caused by the enormous complexity and frequent, flexible adjustments to the licensing basis by the manufacturer, the customer has started to search for a trustworthy and responsible partner in order to be able to participate successfully in the process.

DTS Systeme GmbH has been a regular supplier to this end customer for several years and has already provided support to other customers several times in recent years during the manufacturer's license validation process and successfully accompanied them during the projects until final success was reported. The business fields addressed by DTS and the activities the company performs are targeted at customers in the enterprise segment and, in addition to consulting services and hardware and software procurement, also include other innovative solutions in the areas of cloud services and IT security.

"In addition to providing support in identifying and preparing the data requested, the service provided by DTS Systeme GmbH also includes the coordination of meetings and the management of communication with the manufacturer, so that the workload for the customer in the process can be kept to a minimum and they can continue to focus on their core processes and tasks," states Florian Sieweke, Microsoft License Consultant at DTS Systeme GmbH.

Despite the fact that the end customer was working on ongoing projects at the time the invitation was received, we managed to begin with the requisite identification of the data inventories in the areas of hardware and software and the provision and verification of the license certificates requested in December 2014 following consultation with the manufacturer, and we were already able to transfer the final figures at the beginning of January the following year.

DTS Systeme GmbH discussed the license balance generated from the figures transferred with the customer and evaluated them according to strategically sensible options for the future procurement of the requisite licenses from Microsoft.

Mr. Markus Knop, Head of IT and Project Manager at Marley Deutschland GmbH remembers: "Throughout the entire process, starting with the initial contact with the partner regarding the validation check, further deadline coordination with the manufacturer and also the follow-up support and strategic advice from DTS Systeme GmbH, we felt well informed and looked after. In addition to providing support in the manufacturer's process, DTS Systeme GmbH also understood our internal needs and processes and represented these to the manufacturer throughout the entire process. The decision to commission the partner with the provision of support has proven to be absolutely the right one and we would choose DTS Systeme GmbH again at any time".

Thanks to the excellent cooperative partnership between the customer, manufacturer and partner, the validations process was brought to a successful conclusion in February 2015. The manufacturer's goals of increased understanding and awareness of the issue among customers, as well as the implementation of strategic sourcing and regular review processes, were achieved in full and the goal fulfilled on all sides.

DTS Systeme Wins Tender and Convinces KKH

"The concept from DTS Systeme convinces with its fast realization, lean administration and flexible customization options." Hinrich Schreeck, Project Manager at KKH

In April 2013, the statutory health insurance fund - KKH invited tenders for the update of its firewall infrastructure, web filter and email gateway.

DTS Systeme participated in the tender with a concept for the installation of a "Next Generation Firewall" from the manufacturer Palo Alto Networks, consisting of 4 systems from the 3000 series. The web filter and email gateway were implemented using products from McAfee/Intel Security. All the components were designed to be redundant or highly available. Part of the tender involved a comprehensive service concept covering the operation and requisite changes during the term of the project. DTS Systeme supports KKH 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a German-speaking hotline staffed by technical staff and provides all-round support for the products used.

Beyond the tender itself, features were also implemented that are not normally possible in conventional firewall structures. As a result, applications in the network are no longer port-based, but are released or blocked on a user-specific basis on the basis of their App-ID. The extremely powerful hardware allows the entire data stream to be permanently analyzed for threats and blocked if necessary.

Implementation took place over a period of 10 weeks and required 20 man-days of work. Within the scope of this implementation, all the connections via tunneled connections to various external service providers (accounting offices, scanning service, etc.) were also realized, the employees trained on site and all the tests carried out. Sufficient reserves with regard to bandwidth growth were planned for future requirements, as was the possibility of connecting other KKH service providers at no cost.

DTS Systeme runs three of its own data centers in which more than 700 predominantly medium-sized customer environments are operated. Along with the cloud sector (in accordance with German data protection standards), IT security is one of the fastest-growing areas for the 150-man company. More details available under

KKH is one of the largest German statutory health insurance funds and provides health insurance to 1.8 million people. KKH is considered a pioneer in innovative treatment models for statutory health insurance. Around 4,000 employees offer an excellent service, develop pioneering health programs and support those insured in developing a lifestyle that promotes health.


Elite Diamond Partner of the Year & Cortex Partner of the Year at Palo Alto Networks

Our long-standing partner and IT security specialist Palo Alto Networks recently took stock of its 2020 financial year and presented awards to its top partners accordingly. And we are able look forward to two awards! First, we were made "Cortex Partner of the Year". This award honored our special commitment and success in connection with the Detection & Response solution. Second, we were also honored with the special "Elite Diamond Partner of the Year" award for exceptional performance. This upgrade to the "normal" Partner of the Year Award has brought us by far the biggest success in Central Europe. Many thanks go out to Palo Alto Networks.

08/22/2019 I DTS Systeme Made Palo Alto Networks Partner of the Year EMEA

Great news from the Palo Alto Networks SKO in Las Vegas! After initially being made Partner of the Year Germany and then EMEA Regional Partner of the Year CEUR on a regular basis, we have now been made Partner of the Year for the entire EMEA area. Many thanks go out Palo Alto Networks, we are extremely proud of this honor!

06/03/2019 I DTS Systeme Wins Forescout DACH Innovation Partner of the Year 2019 Award

We are over the moon! DTS has been awarded the DACH Innovation Partner of the Year 2019 at the Forescout EMEA 2019 Partner Summit in Rome. Among other things, the award stands for special achievements in growth, marketing and enhanced ideas in the partnership. Our thanks go to Forescout for the award!

04/03/2019 I DTS Systeme Wins Diamond Innovator 2019 Award from Palo Alto Networks

We were able look forward to a partner award early in 2019! Last week, we were honored with Diamond Innovator 2019 award by our long-term partner Palo Alto Networks. This award is a new variant of the Diamond Partner Award. We are proud to have once again achieved the highest partner status. Thank you to Palo Alto Networks for the award.

08/22/2018 I Palo Alto Networks Honors DTS with Regional Partner of the Year – CEUR Award 2018 in the EMEA Region!

09/24/2018 I DTS Systeme Wins EMEA VAR of the Year award from Rubrik

We're delighted to have received another award. We succeeded in bringing back the EMEA Value Added Reseller (VAR) of the Year award from the RubrikEMEA Partner Conference 2018 in Valencia. The award not only honors our commitment to Rubrik. The prize also honors the fact that as a partner, we add important added value to the product, such as DTS Managed Services. Many thanks to Rubric for this honor.

09/19/2017 I DTS Systeme Honored with Partner of the Year DACH 2017 Award from Proofpoint

DTS Systeme now officially Proofpoint Partner of the Year 2017 for the DACH region.

In addition to the sales we achieved together, our intensive, partnership-based cooperation was especially appreciated. The integration into our cloud kit in particular, which we repeatedly use to create needs-based overall concepts, was explicitly highlighted. As a multiple award-winning email security solution, Proofpoint forms an important part of this complete security solution. We are very proud that our work has been appreciated in this way.

08/29/2017 I DTS Systeme Honored with Partner of the Year Central Europe & Traps EMEA 2017 Awards from Palo Alto Networks

As one of a total of eight partners, DTS Systeme was awarded two prizes at the Palo Alto Networks Global Partner of the Year Awards. The award was made within the scope of the Palo Alto Networks Sales Kickoff 2018 in Las Vegas, for selected partners and their commitment and success in their cooperation with Palo Alto Networks.

The Partner of the Year Central Europe Award confirms the great work done by DTS over the past 12 months. We already succeeded in winning the award last year and have now successfully defended our position. First, the award is about the commercial success achieved with Palo Alto Networks, which DTS was able to more than double. Second, both the strategic direction and the investment in the partnership (e.g. MSSP, events) play an essential role in the award.

The Traps Award was also presented to DTS for the entire EMEA region. This is the second Traps award, after the Innovation Partner Award, that recognizes DTS as a driving force in the strategic, operational, technical and sales advancement of Traps. The award also emphasized the role played by DTS as a model partner.

02/09/2017 I DTS Systeme now Palo Alto Networks DIAMOND Partner & Strategic Proofpoint Partner 2017

DTS Systeme is now Palo Alto Networks DIAMOND Partner & Strategic Proofpoint Partner 2017.

There's great news from DTS Systeme! We are delighted about the awards we recently received from Palo Alto Networks and Proofpoint.

Firstly, we were awarded the status of “DIAMOND Partner” by Palo Alto Networks once again. This highlights us as a particularly capable partner for all products and solutions from Palo Alto Networks. We are also qualified to provide the best technical and logistical support. In combination with our other certifications as “Authorized Support Center” (ASC Elite) and “Certified Professional Service Partner” (CPSP), this means we have now received several significant awards from Palo Alto Networks.

Secondly, Proofpoint chose us as their Strategic Partner 2017. We are very proud to have been conferred this honor. DTS Systeme is one of only two partners to receive this award. The award is given out once a year. In particular, the award highlights the strategic focus in the security segment with the integration of Proofpoint TAP and WildFire from Palo Alto Networks. With this award, Proofpoint is honoring our commitment last year, when we placed our sole focus on the market leader in the email security segment.

11/23/2016 I LogRhythm Names DTS Systeme Marketer of the Year 2016

LogRhythm names DTS Systeme Marketer of the Year 2016.

Our strategy partner LogRhythm has presented us with an award which we can certainly be very proud of! We have been named Marketer of the Year 2016. The award particularly highlights the continuous marketing we performed throughout the year.

"I'm really proud of the work we have done as a team. Each individual contributes to the success of the company with their expertise and I know for a fact that we can also achieve this strong team performance together in our other areas." states Diana Jostmeyer.

18/10/2016 I DTS Systeme Receives Palo Alto Networks Nextwave 2016 Award

DTS Systeme receives Palo Alto Networks Nextwave 2016 Central and Eastern Europe Partner of the Year and EMEA Excellence in Support Award

DTS Systeme GmbH announced today during the Palo Alto Networks Sales Kickoff in Nashville, Tennessee, that they have been named Palo Alto Networks® NextWave 2016 Central and Eastern Europe Partner of the Year and 2016 EMEA Excellence in Support Partner. Palo Alto Networks has ushered in a new era for cybersecurity by securely releasing applications and successfully protecting tens of thousands of businesses around the world from cyberattacks with their Next-Generation Security Platform. DTS Systeme has been awarded the Palo Alto Networks NextWave Partner of the Year Award for its rapid and continuous growth and outstanding level of training of its workforce. The Palo Alto Networks NextWave 2016 EMEA Excellence in Support Award was presented to DTS Systeme for its unparalleled support ticket resolution rate and superior customer satisfaction. QUOTATIONS:• "As a Palo Alto Networks Partner from the very beginning, we are very honored to have received these special awards at EMEA level. Palo Alto Networks is a fundamental pillar in our comprehensive security portfolio and we are pleased to have the same relevance as a partner for Palo Alto Networks. - Malte Örmann, Sales Manager (Datacenter & Security Services) at DTS Systeme • "At Palo Alto Networks, we place great value on partners willing to work with us to accelerate their growth, boost profitability, strengthen partner differentiation and maximize customer satisfaction. DTS Systeme exemplifies what we look for in our partners, and we’re proud to recognize their achievement by naming them our NextWave 2016 Central and Eastern Europe Partner of the Year."- Mike Herman, Head of EMEA Channels at Palo Alto Networks
About DTS Systeme GmbH

Since 1983, DTS Systeme GmbH has been offering expertise in consulting, installation and 7x24 support for information and communication solutions and organizes critical sub-areas or even the complete IT infrastructure for its customers. Focused on 3 business units - Security, Datacenter and Systems House - DTS provides companies with solutions that harmonize the interaction between on-site infrastructure, cloud solutions and corporate data security. IT security plays a central role in this. In addition to the drafting policies and creating IT security strategies, DTS Systeme GmbH offers fully integrated solutions - both on customer premises and as a managed service from three of its own data centers with its own 7x24 SOC (Security Operation Center).

09/28/2016 I Palo Alto Networks Names DTS Systeme Partner of the Year CEUR 2016

Palo Alto Networks has named DTS Systeme Partner of the Year CEUR 2016 and Excellence in Support EMEA 2016.

Our strategy partner Palo Alto Networks has presented us with two awards which we can be very proud of! We were honored with both the Partner of the Year - CEEUR and the EMEA Excellence in Support award. The expertise of our support technicians and the excellent solution rate achieved by the support tickets processed by DTS were highlighted in particular in the award.

"I'm really proud of the work we have done as a team. Each individual contributes to the success of the company with their expertise and I know for a fact that we can also achieve this strong team performance together in our other areas", states Kai Mallmann.

09/10/2014 I Palo Alto Networks Honors DTS Systeme as Partner of the Year 2014

DTS Systeme has been named Partner of the Year 2014

On October 9, 2014 DTS Systeme GmbH was honored by Palo Alto Networks as Partner of the Year 2014 GERMANY. Palo Alto Networks is a leader provider when it comes to your business security. DTS Systeme GmbH received this award during the EMEA Partner Conference, which takes place from October 8 to 10 in Barcelona, Spain.

Malte Örmann: Team Leader Sales Datacenter & Security Services, DTS Systeme GmbH states: "We are very pleased that we were able to convince Palo Alto Networks of our performance once again."