May 19, 2020 I Palo Alto Networks & DTS Featured in E-book Special Edition from Security Insider on "Security Operations Centers for SMEs"

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is playing an increasingly important role in the field of IT security. A central 24/7 security control center to detect and defend against cyberattacks forms an integral part of a comprehensive security concept. For medium-sized companies, however, which are just as vulnerable to attacks as large corporations, operating a proprietary SOC around the clock represents an enormous challenge. Together with our long-term partner Palo Alto Networks, we stand for comprehensive and innovative IT security solutions and services. We also offer leading, bespoke solutions in this area. For this reason, Security Insider recently published a special edition in the form of an e-book on the topic of "Security Operations Centers for SMEs".

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26/04/2020 I Maximum Security every Second of the Day - DTS Systeme GmbH in "Analyse Deutschland" (Analysis Germany)

The DTS article in "Analyse Deutschland" can be found here as a PDF version (in German only).

Industrial security needs experts who understand your company - because the consequences of a cyberattack are serious: Production losses, industrial espionage and defective products jeopardize the competitiveness of the companies concerned, not to mention jeopardizing their image or the consequential damage. Employing their own security experts around the clock represents an enormous challenge for companies. We help you to face this challenge around the clock with our comprehensive security solutions.

01/08/2019 I Cyber Security Roadshow at Schloss Benkhausen - DTS Systeme GmbH Herford Delivers Information on IT Security

The Cyber Security Roadshow Event took place in Schloss Benkhausen on November 22, 2018. Together with the Gauselmann Group, we not only guided our guests through the German museum of vending machines as the icing on the cake to the day. We were also able to introduce our own company and present our IT security expertise in a great setting. The threat has once again become apparent, especially with regard to the most recent hacker attack, and not only affects and harms individual persons, but just as often companies more than anything else. You can find the press release from the Gauselmann Group covering the joint event here as a PDF version (in German only).

03/05/2018 I DTS Systeme in "Deine Zukunft in OWL" magazine 2018 (Your future in East Westphalia-Lippe)

DTS Systeme GmbH has been included in the current issue of "Deine Zukunft in OWL). You can find the article about DTS here as a PDF version (in German only).

01/03/2018 I DTS Systeme Featured as Specialist for IT Security in the "Neue Westfälische Zeitung" Newspaper

You can find the article on DTS in the "Neue Westfälische Zeitung" newspaper here in the PDF/print version and here in the web version (in German only).
Attacks from the Internet: How to Protect yourself

Herford, Germany. Companies and public administrations are subjected to attacks every day. The perpetrators do not come armed with knives or pistols, but use much more subtle methods – over the Internet.

They cause chaos with the help of viruses, worms and trojans. A single cyberattack is enough to cripple a company's systems. The only way to minimize the damage is provide for effective protection.

Everyday Defense

"Our network is subjected to several hundred attacks every hour," states Réne Scherer, Marketing Director at Steute Schaltgeräte. Defense against attacks like these from the network has long been part of our everyday work at the company. "We have a member of the IT staff who spends several hours a day dealing with cyberattacks," states Scherer.

According to Andreas Schürkamp, Technical Director at the Herford-based company DTS-Systeme GmbH, which has established itself as a specialist in IT security throughout Germany, the number of attacks from the network has not only increased, but the quality of the attacks is also increasing. Criminals often use spam mails or the what are called DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service).

Spam Mail

Spam mail is the term used to describe unwanted messages which are usually transmitted electronically and are sent to the recipient without being asked for. They often contain links or attachments that can damage a computer system. "In the past, you could tell at a glance whether you had received a spam mail simply from the poor spelling," states Schürkamp. "These days, the perpetrators are much more professional."

For example, an email disguised as a message from the management ends up in the accounting or marketing department - one of employees there opens the attachment or clicks on a link and by doing so infects the company's computer system. "These mails can also contain viruses, trojans or worms. In any case, something that paralyses the system," states Schürkamp. In case of doubt, staff should carefully check the sender's address and only open attachments after asking.

Good Spam filter Essential

"In order to protect yourself against spam and the malicious code contained in the mail, good verification mechanisms are vital," states the IT security expert. Software or services exist which help to stop spam mails ever being delivered or which filter out unwanted links and attachments.

Reinhold Harnisch, Managing Director Local Govt. Data Centre (LGDC) in Lemgo, also believes IT protection to be essential. The emails that City of Herford and all other municipalities in the districts of Herford, Minden-Lübbecke and Lippe receive, for example, end up on the LGDC server. "We filter 96 percent of spam out of local government emails," states Harnisch.

Opening spam is always a potential danger. For example, malware can rob a computer of its processing power. "The computer can also be interconnected with many thousands of other computers and used for major attacks," states Harnisch. Experts speak of a bot network in this context. Such attacks are known as DDoS attacks.

DDoS Attacks

Denial of service in information technology refers to the unavailability of an Internet service that should actually be available. Reasons for this can be to overload the data network or as a targeted attack by cyber criminals where an overload is deliberately brought about.

According to Andreas Schürkamp, server operators are even being blackmailed into paying money to regain access to their Internet services.

"The perpetrators work on the basis of fear. Sometimes simply the threat to paralyze a service is enough to force companies to pay," states Schürkamp. Usually the perpetrators insist on being paid in Bitcoins, an online currency that cannot be traced.

In the meantime, DDoS attacks like this are being offered for sale on the Darknet and in other places. Buyers can use these services to harm competing companies. "And it doesn't even have to be financial harm. Sometimes a site which has gone offline leads to a resulting loss of image for the company concerned", explains Schürkamp.

However, protecting yourself against such attacks is always possible. "Defense mechanisms are available for all scenarios," states the expert. "However, they need to be implanted as a preventive measure. In the aftermath of an attack there is usually nothing left to save."


Neue Westfälische

22/11/2017 I Interview with Kai Mallmann, CEO of DTS Systeme GmbH, in "Wirtschaftsforum"

You can find the article on DTS in the "Wirtschaftsforum" here in the PDF/print version (in German only).

On the road to success with new technologies and teamwork

The management bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy' describes how to create new markets which are uncontested. DTS Systeme GmbH has not only internalized this philosophy, it has also adapted it and, with its integral solutions, has developed into a leading system house, data center and IT security provider. "Wirtschaftsforum" spoke to Managing Director Kai Mallmann about special strategic approaches and the success to be achieved by fostering young talent and developing teamwork.

WF: Mr. Mallmann, DTS Systeme GmbH is divided into three business units: System House, Datacenter and Security.

Kai Mallmann: Yes, our expertise in these three areas is an absolutely unique selling point. We offer comprehensive solutions that combine the latest information technology, cloud services and data security perfectly.

WF: Your company is one of the leading IT service providers in Germany today. How do you explain its success, despite the enormous competition?

Kai Mallmann: We asked ourselves how we can hold our own against big competitors. The answer is technology. We look for new technologies that are not yet available in Germany and then build them up to achieve market leadership.

WF: In other words, you look for new technologies in order to open up new markets instead of using existing technologies to combat established competitors?

Kai Mallmann: Exactly, we pursue a blue ocean strategy and create new markets where no competition has existed so far. We constantly question the status quo. We have our own strategy team for this.

WF: How is your strategy expressed in numbers, Mr. Mallmann?

Kai Mallmann: We are growing steadily, and very profitably. In the past few years, our growth has constantly been in the double-digit range.

WF: How about your workforce? They certainly play a decisive role alongside technology, right?

Kai Mallmann: In any case. Teamwork is very important to us. More can be achieved when everyone is convinced of something. It's important to keep everyone in the boat. I don't feel like a boss, but more like a coach who gets the best out of his team. It's all about motivating people to think creatively and constantly questioning what already exists.

WF: Is fostering young talent an important issue for you, Mr. Mallmann, against this background?

Kai Mallmann: Yes, a third of our employees have received their training in-house. We act very strongly from within and do not recruit generally, like many others. Managers have to have been with us for several years before they can reach a management position. Sales and profits are important, but they are not my main motivation. Reaching goals together and giving people the opportunity to develop, that's what it's all about.

WF: Back to technology. How do you see developments in the near future?

Kai Mallmann: The topics of cloud and security becoming more important. Many companies use antivirus programs and firewalls, but there production has nothing, just attack surfaces. We offer comprehensive solutions for this. This often triggers the eureka effect among customers. We show where the vulnerabilities are that nobody has ever thought of before.

WF: So where do you see your company in a few years?

Kai Mallmann: We must certainly continue to grow, otherwise you'll be out of the picture at some point. We want to become a European player so that we can continue to play our part. Above all, we want to expand the cloud and security segments without neglecting system house solutions in order to retain our key triple skill set.

WF: Mr. Mallmann, thank you very much for the interesting insights into your strategy and we wish you every continued success on the blue ocean!



03/21/2017 I 42 Companies from East-Westphalia Lippe Showcase themselves at CeBIT

Technology: 42 companies from OWL are present at the fair in Hanover. One Herford group had already secured their success at the fair even before the start

Hanover. Data security, recruitment and the power of thought – 42 exhibitors from East Westphalia-Lippe present themselves as innovators at CeBIT in Hanover. Below an overview of the local companies.


DTS Systeme (Herford)
A beacon in IT security – this is what DTS Systeme wants to be for its customers. Tt was certain that CeBIT was going to be a complete success for the Herford-based company even before the start of the fair. "We have a clear concept," states Diana Jostmeyer from Marketing before adding, "We did some telephone marketing and arranged 250 to 300 meetings before CeBIT started." DTS Systeme showcases its entire portfolio of manufacturers and products on their stand. "One hundred percent security never exists, because hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated. However, with our mix of manufacturers, we can offer almost complete protection," states Jostmeyer.
Christian Geisler
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28/02/2017 I Herford-based Company DTS Systeme Offers IT Security for Companies Worldwide

Herford-based company increases sales to almost 45 million Euros.

Herford. The contrasts could not be greater. Although DTS Systeme GmbH is active all around the world, its CEO Kai Mallmann remains modest: "We are a traditional, down-to-earth, East Westphalian company from Herford in Germany." That provides security in the depths of the Internet and because of that finds itself on a steep growth path.

"Most attacks are suffered by email. The attack scenarios we encounter are becoming increasingly different," states Mallmann. As an example, he cites attacks in which outsiders sneak into a company's system, paralyze it and only unlock it again once a ransom has been paid. "There are more and more companies around that deliver just in time. The resulting production loss has serious consequences for them," explains the 44-year-old.

While extortionists want to attract attention, data thieves act surreptitiously with fraudulent emails. "This can either be a bogus instruction to a secretary or an accountant, but it can also take the form of an online application form which contains a link that should be opened," states Kai Mallmann.
There are three steps involved in the support that DTS gives to its commercial customers. "We check where the company can be attacked. We build barriers with a numeric code as the first filter and biometric data as the second. We log every click," states Mallmann, whose technology is supposed to track down "the devil incarnate". Mallmann: "We recognize the basic structure."

He currently sees himself and his company facing major challenges from white-collar crime: "We are all about making sure that research and development remain secure." To achieve this, the experts from Herford work in three shifts. "DTS never sleeps," laughs Kai Mallmann, who employs 160 people at nine different locations and wants to increase this number to 200 in the near future. And when it comes hiring staff, Mallmann throws fixed requirements or good school grades right over board: "The IT gene is the main thing we are looking for."

DTS Systeme GmbH is represented in the market with the three units: System House, Datacenter and Security. Founded in 1983, the company achieved 30 million Euros in sales in 2014. Last year, the figure rose to almost 45 million Euros. The IT Security unit ensured this in particular.

CEO Kai Mallmann: "Our three proprietary data centers in Herford, Hamburg and Munster form the solid backbone of the company. We are growing disproportionately in the market as a result."
We are currently servicing around 700 medium-sized companies at our Munster and Herford sites alone. When it comes to IT security, German solutions are in real demand. "That's why our data centers are not located in America. Our data never leaves German territory," states the DTS CEO.
The Herford-based company will be able of showing what it is capable of at the CeBIT computer trade fair, which takes place in Hanover from March 20 to 24. DTS is exhibiting there for the fourth time with a 110-square-meter stand. In times of increasing attacks over the Internet, you get to see a lot of rough seas. With DTS as a lighthouse in the middle.

The fact that their stand has two floors could be understood as a sign of growth.
One third homegrown:
Most of DTS belongs to the stock market-listed company MBB.SE; further shares are held by DTS board members Kai Mallmann and Ulrich Möller.

DTS Systeme has nine branch office from which it operates: Herford, Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Hanover, Bochum, Münster, Nuremberg and Vienna.

DTS trains IT system integration specialists, IT systems specialists and office management specialists.

DTS offers dual studies opportunities in business taxation, corporate accounting and finance with a major in accounting & controlling and business informatics.

The company currently employs 16 trainees, and 1/3 of the workforce is homegrown (including numerous team leaders).
Peter Steinert
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11/10/2016 I DTS Systeme supports travel providers with IT security (IT-Zoom)


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11/01/2016 I DTS Systeme interviewed about career opportunities in IT (Planet Berufe)

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03/13/2016 I Herford Company for IT Security Showcases itself at CeBIT 2016 (Neue Westfälische)

DTS is showcasing itself with ten partners at the world's largest trade fair - and will tell how you to protect yourself from the Locky malware

Herford. Security in the digital world will be one of the major topics at this year's CeBIT computer trade fair, due to take place in Hanover from March 14 to 18. Herford-based DTS IT AG with its subsidiaries will be part of the party and also prepared for a big crowd - not least because of "Locky".
Locky is a type of Windows malware that encrypts servers and devices throughout the entire network and then demands a large ransom for changing the desktop background image. Most of the time, the virus enters a company's network through infected email attachments.

Actual levels of distribution of the malware used by the extortionists are merely estimates. But everyone is talking about it. "Systems are infected with this malware in East Westphalia, too, and not just one," states DTS CEO Kai Mallmann.

Modernization and Backup
Sensitivity to the issue of IT security grows at the latest after an attempt at extortion like this. "DTS uses a gateway solution to block email infections of this kind and can increase the level of security significantly with other new security measures," states Mallmann.

The Herford-based company also supports customers in updating and modernizing their backup scenarios. Mallmann: "After being infected, fast availability of the backup data is often the only option available to defend against the extortion attempt by Locky."

The Herford-based benefit from the fact that German solutions are often asked for when it comes to IT security. They also bring their own data centers (databanks) in Herford, Hamburg and Munster into play to meet these wishes.

Company Grows to 30 Million Euros

Mallmann views his company as being "among the top 5" technologically in the industry. DTS works with leading manufacturers. In fact, for a while, DTS was market leader in the use of technology from the leading firewall producer Palo Alto Networks. He claims that he and DTS are able to identify and deploy new products earlier than others.

And some figures appear to prove him right: According to the German Federal Gazette, DTS, initially a pure systems house, grew from almost 27 to over 30 million euros in 2014 with its three business units System House, Data Centers and Security. Another leap forward was achieved in 2015 - especially in the IT security segment.

The Herford-based company also increasingly concerns itself with exports, which have already reached 20 percent as a part of their data business. The first branch office abroad was set up last year and will soon be setting up its own data center as well; more are planned to follow.

Third Time at CeBIT

The Group employs 140 people at eight locations, including almost 100 in Herford, making it one of the leading IT service providers in the city.

Most of DTS belongs to the stock market-listed company MBB.SE; further shares are held by the DTS joint CEOs. Mallmann: "MBB.SE stands for the long-term and strategic expansion of our subsidiaries."
This year, DTS has specially prepared for its CeBIT appearance, the third in the company's history. The stand has two-story, floor space of 100 square meters and offers space for a joint appearance with ten sales partners, including Palo Alto Networks and LogRhythm.

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To the article: Herford-based IT security company presents itself at CeBIT 2016 (Neue Westfälische)

10/10/2015 I Cooperation between DTS Systeme and LogRhythm (InfoPoint Security)

Systems integrator offers its customers security intelligence from LogRhythm

Herford, November 10, 2015 - LogRhythm, specialist in security intelligence, and DTS Systeme GmbH have agreed on cooperating in Germany and Austria to meet the growing need for security intelligence. Within the scope of the partnership, DTS will be adding the LogRhythm Security Intelligence and Analysis platform to its portfolio.

For more than 30 years now, DTS has been supporting companies in a consulting capacity and in the implementation and operation of their IT infrastructure. Customers can rely on DTS to deliver powerful solutions that can be used solve current problems. For this reason, the experts at DTS keep a close eye on the market and by doing so identify innovative products swiftly. LogRhythm has been part of the DTS portfolio since the third quarter and complements the company's existing security offering perfectly.

"We studied the market for security intelligence solutions for a long time and LogRhythm, as a technology leader, has by far the best offering for our customers," explains Kai Mallmann, CEO DTS Systeme GmbH. "Version 7 of the LogRhythm Security Intelligence and Analysis Platform offers a new and innovative search function, and excellent scalability and performance, along with effective security functions and helps companies detect new cyber threats faster and react to them even more efficiently."

To prepare for partnership, DTS has invested heavily in training and certifying its employees with technical and sales training: These staff plan the projects together with the customers' chief security officers and implement the LogRhythm solutions on site. DTS also takes over the training of the customer's technicians in cooperation with LogRhythm.

Roland Messmer, Director for Central and Eastern Europe at LogRhythm, is also extremely satisfied with their new cooperation partner: "We are pleased to have gained a powerful partner in DTS who can offer its customers professional all-round support. DTS is a recognized and proven expert in IT security and has a large and satisfied customer base whose requirements for security intelligence solutions we want to address together".
About DTS Systeme GmbH

As a traditional systems integrator, DTS Systeme has been supporting its customers for more than 30 years with the optimization of core processes, advice, design, procurement, implementation and the operation of IT environments.

Focused on 3 business units - Security, Data Center and Systems House - DTS provides companies with solution proposals that harmonize the interaction between on-site infrastructure, cloud solutions and corporate data security.

With proprietary data centers in Herford, Hamburg and the subsidiary company's powerful data center in Münster, DTS is able to offer a wide range of solution scenarios. An integral view of an IT landscape is placed in the foreground here therefore providing the best and most efficient solution for the customer. Using their elevated security expertise, DTS Systeme GmbH provides solutions in the areas of endpoint security, content security, network security and risk & compliance and also supports large international companies in this area.

08/06/2015 I DTS Systeme Joins the SolidFire Cloud Builder Partner Program (PR-COM)

Customers of the systems integrator DTS Systeme can now consolidate performance-critical applications on private cloud platforms.

SolidFire, a leading provider of solid-state arrays, has added the Herford-based system s integrator DTS Systeme to its Cloud Builder Partner Program. Within the scope of its membership, DTS Systeme will sell SolidFire all-flash storage platforms across Europe.

Members of the SolidFire Cloud Builder Partner Program are solution providers, systems integrators and VARs with extensive know-how in the storage, virtualization and cloud infrastructure segments. The program is designed to help SolidFire partners further expand their business. Among other things, they receive sales and technical training and all the tools they need for developing and marketing validated cloud storage solutions with a high degree of automation and dynamic scalability. Companies in the SolidFire Program like DTS Systeme have already proven their expertise in setting up the Next Generation Data Center (NGDC).

"SolidFire has a unique solution that perfectly complements our data lifecycle management portfolio. In combination with its scale-out architecture, seamless integration with VMware and OpenStack, and especially due to the guaranteed storage performance, we make it possible for our customers to consolidate and operate their performance-sensitive applications efficiently on a private cloud platform," explains Kai Mallmann, CEO DTS Systeme GmbH in Herford.

"DTS Systems stands out for its ability to offer customized data center solutions to its customers," adds Ian Cooper, EMEA Partner Director at SolidFire. "With our Cloud Builder Partner Program, we are now allowing DTS Systeme to differentiate further in the market and meet any specific user requirement easily in terms of storage performance, scalability or automation.”

About DTS Systeme GmbH

As a classic systems integrator, DTS Systeme has been supporting its customers for more than 30 years with the optimization of core processes, advice, design, procurement, implementation and the operation of IT environments.

Focused on 3 business units - Security, Data Center and Systems House - DTS provides companies with solution proposals that harmonize the interaction between on-site infrastructure, cloud solutions and corporate data security.

With proprietary data centers in Herford, Hamburg and the subsidiary company's powerful data center in Münster, DTS is able to offer a wide range of solution scenarios. An integral view of an IT landscape is placed in the foreground here therefore providing the best and most efficient solution for the customer. Using their elevated security expertise, DTS Systeme GmbH provides solutions in the areas of endpoint security, content security, network security and risk & compliance and also supports large international companies in this area.

About SolidFire

SolidFire is the market leader in flash storage systems for the Next Generation Data Center (NGDC). The all-flash architecture and quality of service (QoS) controls from SolidFire allow users to provide guaranteed storage performance for thousands of applications within a common infrastructure. Combination of this functionality with in-line data reduction techniques and system-wide automation leads to considerable savings in investments and operating costs compared to conventional hard disk and simple flash storage systems.

28/07/2015 I 2015 System House Ranking (Computerwoche)

Computerwoche Ranking

DTS Systeme GmbH is one of the best systems houses in Germany!
First of all, we would like to thank our satisfied customers who gave us such a positive rating in this regard. DTS Systeme GmbH has achieved a proud score of 1.81 for the first time in the overall ranking for the best system house in Sales Class 3 in Germany.
We would also like to thank our hard-working staff who strive to make our customers happy every day.

Of course, we see it as our task to constantly improve the satisfaction and cooperation with our customers and not to rest on our laurels. That is why we are aiming to be placed among the top 10 system houses in the 2016 ranking.

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05/26/2015 I DTS in demand as a specialist for security! (Neue Westfälische)