Dual Study at DTS

A dual course of study offers the ideal balance between theory and practice. You will gain in-depth knowledge in one or more specialist areas, which you will put into practice.

Theoretical phases at the UAS alternate at regular intervals with practical phases at one of our branch offices. We train the specialists of tomorrow ourselves, and are delighted to take them on after the successful completion of their training.

In our medium-sized, family-run company, you have the opportunity to complete a dual degree in a very promising industry. Under supervision, you will carry out interesting and varied duties and receive optimal preparation for your future professional career. If you perform well, you may be given the opportunity to do your own project work at any time.

You will not only be able to familiarize yourself with the different areas of the company, throughout your training will also receive individual support aided by training courses and discussions. In addition, you can look forward to cross-departmental projects, monthly meetings with other trainees and students, and the annual event for juniors and trainees.

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Bettina Kube
Head of HR Development

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