Important information on conducting job interviews and hiring at our company during the Covid-19 pandemic

We want to protect both you and us!
For this reason, we have been carrying out job interviews digitally since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Depending on the type of position, we may occasionally suggest the need for a face-to-face interview. If this is the case, we will obtain your consent in advance by phone and arrange a face-to-face interview (with appropriate safety precautions).
Induction at a distance is also easily possible at our company. The various digital introductory training courses (in-house training staff) we have available allow us to offer you a pleasant start at DTS and bring our DTS culture and services closer to you on a digital basis.

Please give us a call if you have any further questions about how job interviews are conducting at our company or joining us!

We look forward to receiving your application.
The DTS HR Development Team

Welcome to DTS Systeme!

Behind the name of DTS Systeme, you will find an East Westphalian, medium-sized company that is passionately and innovatively dedicated to IT. While cyber threats are constantly evolving, and technologies come and go, people are the only constants. Our employees are the foundation of everything that has made DTS so special for over 35 years. That is why we are always looking for people with a very different talents who have the same passion for IT. Bring your personal strengths to our company today and shape the future with us.

A brief overview in numbers

The Team

Our team is made up of over 350 colleagues.

The locations

We have representations in 14 locations.

Our Products

An interplay of our three core areas: data center, technologies and IT security.

A company packed with possibilities

Depending on our requirements, the entry opportunities at our company are extremely diverse. As a committed career starter or graduate, you will be able to take on responsibility with us from the start and put what you have learned into practice. We have a variety of doors open to professionals who are planning their next career step and are looking for a challenge in their job. Curious to find out more? Then become part of our team.


Young professionals

Experienced professionals

job offer

Nothing suitable for you? Then we look forward receiving your unsolicited application.

The "We" Makes the Difference

Flat hierarchies, a family-like atmosphere, sustainable personnel development and an open door culture: this is what characterizes DTS. Criteria such as skin color, gender, religion and age are irrelevant to us. We welcome everyone and appreciate the individuality of each and every one of our colleagues. We believe that a community can develop and implement the best ideas.

We are looking for people who have team spirit and initiative - and who are willing to learn constantly. A normal job can only ever become a personal passion with joy and commitment. We also see the balance between professional and private life as an important source of inspiration for creativity and satisfaction, as well as the basis for top performance.

Become part of a great team

"30% of the employees completed their apprenticeship or dual studies at DTS. This path is not a one-way street, you can see it in my case. I also started my career at DTS as a apprentice and continued to develop with the company. Now, as Sales Director, I am responsible for the sales development of the company. In this role, I am constantly on lookout for new talents who, among other things, are still at the beginning of their professional careers. Great commitment and a strong willingness to learn in combination with the excellent environment at DTS offer you a promising career with us."




"I spent ages looking for a company that would give me the opportunity to write my practical thesis as a teacher. This atypical constellation has deterred many companies, but not DTS. DTS found having a different perspective to be an asset. While I was writing my dissertation on "Designing employee appraisal interviews for trainees in the context of human resource development", I was also directly involved in several other projects. As a member of the strategy team, I received a wonderful insight into the whole of the company and also had the chance to show what I can do. In fact, everything went so well I was offered a permanent position immediately afterwards."

"DTS combines all the points that are important to me in an employer. Whether it's the friendly, open-minded nature of my colleagues, the wide-ranging areas of responsibility I'm tasked with or the individual opportunities to develop and advance myself.

At DTS, "we" is written large. This even showed itself at the beginning of my training, where I became directly involved with my colleagues, both together during my lunch breaks and on the projects that were entrusted to me. I really appreciate this level of trust, since I have never known it in this form before. For me, it is definitely one of the unique selling points of DTS. Bit by bit, everyone gets introduced to new complex tasks and you have any questions, there is always someone there to share their knowledge with you or just help.

Only one of many? At DTS, you part of a bundled community that pulls together and is always looking to the future together.

I can say with complete conviction that I'm happy to be part of the company and I'm grateful for all the opportunities that I get offered here.´"



"10 years ago a former work colleague told me about DTS. I was given to chance to open and build a branch office in a region that was completely new to DTS. I remained in direct and constant contact with the management, who supported me in every way. I appreciate that along with the good working atmosphere in our friendly team. The developments over the past 10 years have been overwhelming. Meanwhile, we have experienced strong growth in Bochum and have tripled our office space and the number of employees.“

" I was looking for a company that would support me and my strengths, and I met DTS through recommendations. I applied, was invited for an interview and then the journey began. A journey full of new adventures, challenges and meetings with new people. Right from the start, I knew that this company was the right place for me. My colleagues welcomed me with a smile and have great confidence in me. I can develop my personality to the full and contribute my strengths when working on new tasks.
At DTS, cooperation is a top priority and each individual is appreciated for his or her work. I feel more than comfortable in this company and have been able to meet not only new people, but also new friends. I am happy to be able to do my apprenticeship here and look forward to the rest of my apprenticeship journey at DTS."

Head office Herford

Living and Working in Herford

Nestled in the center of the Ravensberg Hills between Teutoburg Forest and the Wiehen Mountains, where River Aa flows into the River Werre, lies one of the oldest cities in Westphalia: the Hanseatic city of Herford. Our company headquarters are located here and form an integral part of life for more than 300 employees.
East-Westphalia Lippe (OWL) is a successful business location - home many hidden champions and major company names and brands. What is more, perfect connections to the A2, A33 and A44 motorways and Paderborn Airport make OWL a place to live with excellent accessibility. In addition to the beautify of nature to be found in Teutoburg Forest, exciting excursion destinations, such as Hermans Monument and Sparrenburg, exist for the day tripper. With soccer clubs like Arminia Bielefeld and SC Paderborn, the handball club TVB Lemgo or the Gerry Weber Open, sport also plays a major role in OWL and demonstrates the sense of community there. What is more, excellent universities in Bielefeld and Paderborn attract many young people to the region.

66,000 thousand people live and work in Herford. Whether culture, art or beautiful nature: Herford has a lot to offer. With is diverse cultural scene, Herford also offers a lot to do outside of daily work. Whether wellness and relaxation, fantastic restaurants with delicious food or nightlife, tradition and modernity come together here.
This down-to-earth region with its many offerings for families brings attractive career opportunities and a good work-life balance. In addition, long-term staff retention in a family environment is always sought after. And that is exactly a description of DTS.

Discover Herford and see for yourself.

Applicant Guide

Are you looking for a challenge where you can actively contribute your passion for IT and innovations as well as your expertise? Would you like to become part of our large team and grow together? If so, please apply! Have a look at our job search for interesting vacancies and send us your convincing profile.

Our application process


  • You find two of our job advertisements interesting and are unsure which one suits you best? - No problem, we always think outside the box! If we believe a different position will suit you better, we'll get back in contact with you

  • Help, the job posting says “Junior”, but I'm a lot older! - The term "Junior" does not focus on your age but your know-how.

  • Yes, but what if I have more know-how than a "junior? Will I then receive a direct rejection? - No way, we are open to all applications.

  • For those looking for training: Are you worried, because you got bad grades at school? - Don't worry! Your personal strengths and sense of commitment are more important than your grades to us.

  • Is there an application deadline? - No, we are always looking for great new people/talent. It's better to take some time to put a meaningful application together so that we can recognize your talents right away.

  • What kind of application documents should I submit? - Short letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, current qualification certificates (for trainee positions: you last two school reports).

  • Do you want everything on one page or several pages? - We prefer it if you use several pages, because a clear application is easier to read than one packed onto one page!

  • Should I enclose all my job references? - No, ideally we just need last 2 job references, if you have them.

  • What additional information should I include? - Information on your preferred location, desired salary and earliest possible starting date.

  • Should I send in my application by post or email? - Since we attach great importance to technological modernization as an IT company, we would prefer to receive your application by email.
  • Zip file or Word file?- Ideally, you should send us your application as a .pdf, .jpg or Word file.

  • How big can the email attachment be?- It should have a maximum of 8 MB in size.

  • Do you prefer a simple or creative application? - Your skills and knowledge are decisive for us, not how they are presented.

  • When will I get a response? - See Application procedure.

  • Should I make any special preparations for the interview? - This is a pure introductory talk, not an assessment center or the like. There are usually two people sitting opposite you who will have been informed about in the interview invitation.

  • What should I bring with me?- No further documents are required for the interview, unless we have mentioned them. Ideally you should bring: The desire for new challenges in a familiar work atmosphere

Do you have any further questions that are not answered here? Then just give us a call. We're here to help!