Datacenter, Technologies and Security

Focused on three business units – data center, technologies and security, the DTS companies propose solutions that balance the interplay between on premise infrastructure, cloud solutions and enterprise data security.


DTS Systeme GmbH

For over 35 years, we have been supporting our customers as an established IT service provider and strategic partner in our three focus areas. With our certified German data centers, the DTS Cloud modular concept and valid IT security expertise, we offer hybrid solutions, provided individually for each customer. In addition to that, our helpdesk and the security operations center (SOC) ensure professional 24/7 monitoring and support.

DTS Systeme Münster GmbH
We live the three focus areas of the DTS Group and are known for our high technical expertise. With our own modern and certified data centers at our headquarters in Muenster, we always focus on the holistic view of your IT landscape. With that, we offer regionally as well as nationally tailored a deficient solutions to all customer sizes.

DTS Systeme Wien GmbH
DTS Systeme Wien is an Austrian IT service provider in Vienna with innovative IT-Security and cloud solutions as its main pillars. Together with our sister companies, we are able to offer versatile, on demand solution scenarios. We are your reliable and strong partner not only through our specialised portfolio, but also through our distinctive customer and project support.

As a Greek sister company of DTS Systeme GmbH, we are specialised in IT-Security in and especially through the cloud. Our IT Security experts form the DTS Security Operations Center (SOC). Our high qualified, multilingual project and analyst team in Athens enables, together with the teams of our german sister companies, a central security control center for 24/7 protection of your IT infrastructure and data.


Proofpoint's new report "The Human Factor 2022" is here!

"Current threats targeting human behavior can only be defended against with human-centric protection." - What are the biggest vulnerabilities of human users? How do attackers exploit that? How big is the potential threat? These questions and their answers can be found in the new report.


Cyberforce Guardians 2022

We have done it again. Our colleagues Markus Kohlmeier, Marc Grooz, Thomas Schmitz, Benjamin Schwarz, Alexander Roos, Jörg Obermeier and Thomas Respondek were awarded as Palo Alto Networks Cyberforce Guardians 2022!

DTS Cockpit

Moving away from passive, decentralized data collection to active, centralized visibility and control - see, understand and solve everything with DTS! Introducing: DTS Cockpit, our 24/7 Security Information & Operation Service.



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